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Our company is in line with the ship pollution cleaning unit

Release time :2016-04-02 16:29 Read :
Our company based on the revision of the the people's Republic of China ship pollution marine environment emergency preparedness and emergency response management regulations "(Ministry of transport of communications of the people's Republic of China Order No. 6, 2015), the requirements of the provisions of Article 15 of the, now our company related to the public:
(a) the pollution removal capacity of the unit is in compliance with the report of the first level capacity and service area of the pollution removal unit of the ship.
Qinhuangdao clean sea ship pollutants removal Co., Ltd. is located in the port of Qinhuangdao in Hebei Province, the total assets reached 3000 million yuan, since the company since its establishment in 2011, with more than 500 shipping companies signed a ship pollution removal agreement, shipping services amounted to more than 5000 ships, and the shipping companies established good relations of cooperation. Company has complete pollution cleanup operation scheme and pollutant treatment scheme, strictly according to the maritime sector requirements of routine annual oil spill emergency drills, and participated in Hebei Province and Qinhuangdao City, the organization's many maritime accident emergency drills. Company since its inception, safety, the disposal of the Zhejiang sea 162, xinhaitong 3, CNOOC 28, Aydingkol lake, Dadongkai 6 more than ten ship oil spill accident, maritime administration and the owner's consistent recognition and praise.
The company has high quality, highly educated and experienced professional management team, with excellent enterprise management level and innovative ability, have a well-trained, professional operation team. Company's existing senior command 10, 10 intermediate command, emergency operation personnel 59 people were achieved related qualification certificates, certificates.