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Qinhuangdao dongguang shipping co., LTD., founded in 1996, development has been service Marine 20 years, its predecessor is qinhuangdao blue star ship cleaning service, in 2005 changed its name to qinhuangdao dongguang shipping co., LTD. In 2014 changed to \"qinhuangdao dongguang shipping co., LTD.\".
Our company is one specialized is engaged in the ship tank cleaning, residual oil, sewerage, vessel cleaning, cleaning services for an integrated shipping company, is China's industry association named the \"100 China's most development potential brand enterprise\" in 2011 by the state department of transportation awarded \"ship pollution clear unit\", (approval number: Marine [2011] no. 2011, certificate number: 03-1003, query website: http://hsfwr.org/_d273256375.htm. ) company since 1996, through the untiring efforts of the leaders and all staff of 20 years, from the original small company registered capital of 300000, the gradual development of the fixed assets of one hundred million yuan, of which has its own office area of 1200 square meters, warehouse area of 6800 square meters, has its own ship 7, respectively HuaJun 1-2000 t, 1000 t dongguang 2, 1-500 t oil dongguang, HuaJun 6-400 t, and the two oil spill emergency clean-up professional ship \"dongguang\" 5-500 - t, \"dongguang 7-500 - t\", \"hengshun of 81-5000 - t\" wheel. In addition, the company has more than two thousand worth of stripping equipment and professional oil spill emergency equipment.
Company consists of rizhao HuaJun shipping co., LTD and qinhuangdao help two branch strong commercial and trade co., LTD. Rizhao HuaJun shipping co., LTD. Has a water transport permit issued by the national ministry of transportation, is mainly engaged in domestic refined oil in the coastal and the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze river transportation business; Qinhuangdao for stronger trade co., LTD is mainly engaged in land and terminal product oil supply business.
Stripping and slop receive respect, my company is the only one with qinhuangdao cleaning VLCC combined stripping unit, first undertake a cleaning of the ship at home and abroad, hundreds of small and medium-sized ships under. Employed to date my company successively in shanhaiguan anchorage excellent completed more than 30 ton or so ship tank cleaning operations. Including: \"the Pacific Ocean pearl\", \"the Pacific garnet\", \"the Pacific coral\", \"ruby\" and \"Mayfair\", \"mount tai, the pull\" etc are obtained the approval and praise from the domestic and foreign ship owners, which filled in the northern port more than 20 ton oil tanker stripping of the blank. At present, the company has with sinopec, cnooc, hebei east Pacific Ocean, South Korea CIDO, Singapore and other domestic and foreign shipping companies signed receiving such wastewater, tank cleaning agreement and set up long-term, stable relations of cooperation.
Oil spill emergency, we equipped with the most advanced domestic oil spill emergency equipment, including developed by dalian maritime university receiving machine, can rapid recovery of high, medium and low various viscosity and all kinds of thickness of surface oil spill; Inflatable booms, coast oil boom, fire-resistant oil boom; Applicable to the deep sea, coast, basin and potential danger of oil spill oil spill. Marine fixed spray equipment, portable spraying equipment to spray area more widely and is flexible; The cold water, hot water washing machine to clean thoroughly eliminate the secondary pollution. Professional equipment for the efficient of oil spill cleanup provides a stable foundation.
In 2010, my company reimbursing vessels, equipment and personnel for the dalian oil spill cleanup, 7.16 gained valuable experience. In order to more professional work in the oil spill emergency clean-up, transfer the related equipment and personnel organization several oil spill emergency drills, during the exercise, all militarized management, according to cooperate with each other, thanks to master the equipment, the theory of knowledge by heart, great exercise was completed, the ministry of communications expert's consistent high praise.
Qinhuangdao dongguang shipping co., LTD. Is a wholly owned application \"ship pollution clear unit\" one class aptitude, unified leadership, unified command, unified operation management mode, in the daily operation and realize integration of management and decision-making in cooperation and communication. General manager office, engineering department, the department, purchasing department, finance department, legal department, qc department, sales department eight departments, echelon management structure.
Company has always been advocating integrity, innovation, environmental protection, efficient service idea, make become China's first-class maritime clean-up is our vision of private enterprises, make friends of the four seas, \"the sea in full, make more straight hanging\"!